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Baltimore Hunger Project

Baltimore Hunger Project

Imagine being able to feed a child in need for a whole month. Better yet, do it; it only costs $25.

Last Friday, a group of Southway employees volunteered at the Baltimore Hunger Project. They ziplock bundled 450 meals to go home with Baltimore City or Baltimore County students in need as their food for the weekend.

Nearly 84% of Baltimore City Students are considered food insecure, and 48% participate in free or reduced-price meal programs. This means about 123,000 students in our area may struggle with hunger during breaks from school.

Volunteers from BHP will sneak into classes on Fridays and secretly place meals in students’ bags for the weekend. Not only do they provide food, but volunteers draw pictures for each bag to brighten the students day and make them feel special.

BHP is dedicated to strengthening bodies, empowering minds and building communities. Founder Lynne B. Kahn made the point that feeding children is not complex. Starting out, the organization provided meals to 30 kids in two elementary schools, but now it reaches over 450 children in 15 Baltimore schools.

To provide comfort, security and hope for these children is a reward unmatched. Thank you to everyone at the Baltimore Hunger Project for their hard work and allowing us to join them in giving back to the Baltimore community. For more information on the Baltimore Hunger Project and how to volunteer, visit https://www.baltimorehungerproject.org.


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