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Hebrew Orphan Asylum |  Baltimore Sun

Hebrew Orphan Asylum | Baltimore Sun

After 15 years of advocacy, this “majestic” Baltimore landmark is finally restored. We’re proud to have played a role in the project for the past 7 years and see the transformation take place first hand. Check out the wonderful article Baltimore Sun writer Jacques Kelly wrote on Hebrew Orphan Asylum at the link below.

Kelly discusses the effort the community and community leaders put into saving the building, the struggle to just keep the building standing, and the plan for the building’s future. It will will now be called the “Center for Health Care and Healthy Living at the Hebrew Orphan Asylum.

To read more about the building’s restoration, the effort to save, it’s history, and it’s future, please read the article at the Baltimore Sun. Link below.

Link to Baltimore Sun article

Photo: Baltimore Sun, Barbara Haddock Taylor


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