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Lyon Homes |  Baltimore Sun

Lyon Homes | Baltimore Sun

Jacques Kelly of the Baltimore Sun writes about the history of Lyon Homes in Turner Station and the current upgrades taking place to preserve this important workforce housing community. The story of Henrietta Lacks and the help she gave to the medical community is unmatched and gives a deep history to this renovated area. Click the link below to read more about Lyon Homes, Henrietta Lacks, Hilyard Robinson, Charles Tini, and affordable housing in the Baltimore Area.

Lyon Homes have come a long way from 1942 to the renovations still underway in 2018. For such a strong community to give affordable housing to those in need in the area for over 70 years is remarkable, and Henrietta Lacks would be proud to call this place home all these years later.

Southway is extremely proud to have partnered up with Chuck Tini and Telesis Baltimore to provide affordable housing to so many in the area.

Link to Baltimore Sun article

Photo: Baltimore Sun, Barbara Haddock Taylor


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