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Parkway Theatre | Baltimore Sun

Parkway Theatre | Baltimore Sun

Jacques Kelly of the Baltimore Sun provides some history on the films that once played at the historic Parkway Theatre. The entertainment industry saw some tough times but Parkway has stood tall through the years.

Parkway Theatre has been a home to both screening films and live acting. Now to be named the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Parkway, history will live on through this modernized building.

After nearly four decades of decay, the theatre has been revived and will be ready for the Maryland Film Festival this spring. It will also be the venue for Southway’s 25th Anniversary celebration. It will be expanded through east Charles street.

Parkway Theatre was home to the greatest celebrities such as William Powell, Billie Burke, Basil Rathbone and many more. Their legacies will be remembered through the performing arts for generations to come in this newly renovated theatre.

Click the link below to learn more about the history of Parkway Theatre and its future with entertainment in Baltimore.

Link to Baltimore Sun article

Photo: Baltimore Sun, Kenneth K. Lam


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