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Sojourner Place | Baltimore Brew

Sojourner Place | Baltimore Brew

Fern Shen of Baltimore Brew writes about new project, Sojourner Place, that recently came online to house the homeless. This new system has been recognized nationally as a way to transform the homeless community and bring residents back on their feet.

Countless organizations such as Baltimore City Home Funds, the Maryland Partnership Rental Housing program, the Weinberg Foundation, Project CORE, the United Way of Central Maryland and the Bank of America have come together to fund Sojourner Place.

There will be a communal area so the 12 individuals can come together for support. The area is also open for mental health professionals and mentors to come help members of Sojourner Place be productive in Baltimore.

Southway was built with a passion for helping those in need and building Baltimore as a strong community and are proud to have been a part of that on Argyle Avenue.

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Photo: Baltimore Brew, Fern Shen


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