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Four Ten Lofts | Baltimore Sun

Four Ten Lofts | Baltimore Sun

Baltimore Sun writer Jacques Kelly writes about the new venture in the Bromo Arts and Entertainment District that will provide artist and affordable housing at Four Ten Lofts. The building will be comprised of 48 units for working artist, 20 units for persons being helped by Health Care for the Homeless, and 8 market-rate units. Click the link below to read more about the history surrounding Four Ten Lofts and affordable housing in the Baltimore Area.

The building is being constructed on a lot that was being used for parking for as long as anyone can remember. It is located just a few blocks north of the Hippodrome Theater.

Southway is extremely proud to have partnered up with Episcopal Housing Corp. and French Development LLC to provide affordable and artist housing to many in that neighborhood.

Link to Baltimore Sun article

Photo: Baltimore Sun, Jerry Jackson


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