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The Loading Dock

The Loading Dock

Brick by brick, that’s the way you slowly build. Whether it is a home, a relationship, a company or a nonprofit, you have to start from the ground up. That is how The Loading Dock came to Baltimore.

Founded in 1984, The Loading Dock is the nation’s first successful, self-sufficient, nonprofit building materials reuse center, packed with new and used items and architectural salvage. Most of the materials found here are usually sent to a landfill, but The Loading Dock has created a re-production of supplies into the homes of Baltimore.

The Loading Dock serves homeowners, distributers, contractors and many more in the community. Their mission saves money for donors and members alike through saving on dumping/storage fees and providing materials for repairs at lower than retail cost.

Each Year The Loading Dock:

  • Saves 421 kitchen cabinet sets , 42 miles of lumber and 1,634 windows.
  • Diverts 4,489 doors from the landfill, which if stood end to end, would be taller than 25 Empire State Buildings.
  • Could paint the exterior of the White House 85 times with the 26,000 gallons of paint donated.
  • Serves over 11,000 homeowners and community groups, who saved over $2 M.
  • Assists in the rehabilitation of nearly 15,000 homes.

Thank you to everyone at Southway who came out to volunteer (and sweat) at The Loading Dock last Tuesday! Our team was able to re-palletize several thousand individual bricks, unbox and organize cabinetry and untangle and sort electrical wire for recycling.

A special thank you for those at The Loading Dock who offer services to the community every day and are dedicated to affordable rebuilding in Baltimore. For more information on The Loading Dock and how you can volunteer, visit http://www.loadingdock.org.


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